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Brand & Visual Identity

Natural Habitat Adventures

Brand Book and Collateral



As the sole graphic designer on the marketing team, I was empowered to create a variety of digital and print assets that engaged returning travelers and enticed new audiences. As the business neared its 35th anniversary, I was charged with developing and copywriting an updated look at the brand style guide while simultaneously providing refreshing the design of the visual identity system. Because Nat Hab is closely partnered with the WWF, this project needed to maintain a harmonious relationship between the two brands as well as differentiate enough to help customers understand the differences between the organizations. The results encompassed a logo identity system that has the flexibility to rotate through a color palette heavily influenced by the colors of the natural world and offers a level of spontaneity and character.

"Devin's time on the Nat Hab team helped to bridge the gap between departments and help bring a unified look to the Nat Hab brand. The overall customer experience was more consistent and delightful! 

Kit Longnecker, Standards and Risk Management Director

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