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Small Business Visual Identity

Lemon Littles

Visual Identity

Creative Director & Designer


Lemon Littles, a grass-roots small business, operates with a mission of fostering deeper connections among families through the provision of educational and innovative products that support early developmental life skills. Their needs spanned across brand development, creative direction, and product graphics and was thrilled to be a part of this puzzle! It was an invigorating experience working alongside the passionate team, and together, we set forth to create an identity that exuded playfulness, trustworthiness, and a profound commitment to enriching family experiences. I created a range of supplementary visual assets for Lemon Littles that would aid in  launching their inaugural product—it was a n incredible success and provided the team with an immediate positive ROI and lead to hundreds of purchases on their Amazon page.

"The brand identity design we received was exactly what we hoped for! It's cute, fun, personable and most of all consistent. We feel confident and excited to launch with this look!"

Taylor Nguyen, CEO

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